Forthcoming Issues

Volume 8, Number 2, is due in late fall 2015. It will feature the Tucker Lecture by Justice Nicholas Kasirer and papers of an international conference held at the LSU Law Center in April 2014, on “The Louisiana Civil Code Translation Project: Enhancing Visibility and Promoting the Civil Law in English,” with articles by Enrica Bracchi, Vivian Curran, Dominique Garreau, Jean-Claude Gémar, Anne-Sophie Hulin, Alain Levasseur, François-Xavier Licari, Matthias Martin, Sylvie Monjean-Decaudin, Alexandru-Daniel On, Agustín Parise, Steven Pallot, Michel Séjean, Serban Vacarelu, and Anne Wagner.

Call for Papers

The JCLS invites the submission of articles for its Volume 9, Number 1, to appear in the spring of 2016. Articles dealing with civil law topics, relationship of civil law and common law in mixed, civil law or common law jurisdictions, are welcome, especially where offering a comparative perspective or overview.

Articles must be presented in compliance with the JCLS Submission Guidelines. Articles may be written in English, French, or Spanish.

After a pre-selection by the Editor-in-Chief, articles are peer-reviewed anonymously by two members of our international Board of Editors.

Submissions should be made electronically to . Postal submissions are not accepted.

For more information, please email . You may also contact Professor Olivier Moréteau at .

Books for review should be mailed to:

Ms. Susan Gualtier
LSU Law Library
L104 Hebert Law Center
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
United States