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Comparative Law and Legal History in the United States
Alain A. Levasseur and Mathias Reimann


Report of the State Bar of Arizona Corporate, Banking, and Business Law Section Subcommittee on Rendering Legal Opinions in Business Transactions, February 1, 1989
N. Gregory Smith, Robert T. Bailes, Stephen A. Benson, Marcia J. Busching, Jon Cohen, Douglas R. Chandler, Fred Fathe, Diane K. Geimer, Michael J. Ivens, Richard Lieberman, Michelle M. Matiski, Jared McHatton, James McMahon, John M. McVey, Kevin L. Olson, E. Elizabeth Perlman, Robert P. Robinson, Morton Scult, Jeffrey H. Verbin, and Matthew J. Yingling


Legitimacy of Judges
Alain A. Levasseur


Napoleonic Code
Alain A. Levasseur and G. Bordelon


Le Droit des Etats-Unis1
Alain A. Levasseur


Le Droit des Etats-Unis
Alain A. Levasseur

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