Journal of Civil Law Studies


Natig Khalilov


Azerbaijan, Civil law, Private law, Codification, Normative legal act, Civil Code, Pandect system, Legal reforms


The Civil Code is the second most important legal act in the country after the Constitution, and the first in terms of volume. Due to its important role in the lives of citizens, the Civil Code is sometimes informally referred to as the “Economic Constitution.” At the same time, the Civil Code is the main document setting the rules for a market economy. This article is devoted to the processes of codification of civil law in Azerbaijan over the past 100 years. During the twentieth century, through the codification of civil law, Azerbaijan has adopted three Civil Codes, far more than many other countries. At the same time, this article describes the drafting of civil legislation from scratch through the transition from a planned economy to a market economy after gaining independence in the 1990s. At the end of the article, the existing problems of the civil legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan are discussed and a number of suggestions are put forward as solutions.

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