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Curtis G. Shake, former judge of the Indiana Supreme Court, is presiding judge of the American Tribunal hearing the Nurnberg war crimes case against 23 I. G. Farben officials. The Farben directors are charged with helping to prepare Germany for war with aiding Hitler to wage his aggressions, explliting foreign nationals as slave labor, plundering German occupied countries, and other crimes.Judge Shake practiced law in his home town of Vincennes, Ind. from 1910 to 1937, and at various times during that period acted as City Attorney for Vincennes, attorney for Knox County, and U.S. Commissioner for the Southern District of Indiana.In 1938 he was elected to a six year term as a Judge of the Indiana Supreme Court, of which he served three terms as Chief Justice. In 1945 he retired from the bench and resumed the private practice of law with his son in Vincennes.



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