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Directors of the huge I. G. Farben Chemical Combine are shown entering the Nurnberg courtroom where they are on trial. As war criminals the defendants are charged with violation of the Versailles treaty, producing explosives, poison gas and other offensive weapons for Hitler, the plunder and seizure of factories in occupied countries, and the exploitation of slave labor in Farben factories. Rounding the corner of the dock is Heinrich Buetefisch, member of Farben's managing body, manager of the Leuna plants, SS Colonel, and member of the "Circle of friends of Himmler". Following him is Hans Kuehne, member of the managing body and production chief for dyestuffs, and pharmaceuticals; Heinrich Hoerlein, member of the managing body, chief of Chemical research and development of vaccines, and poison gas; and Friedrich Jaehne (in doorway) member of the managing body and chief engineer in charge of construction and physical plant development.



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