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Six of the 24 I.G. Farben officials on trial as war criminals enjoy a joke during a court recess. Internationally known in industrial circles, the directors of the giant Farben chemical combine are (left to right, front row) CARL KRAUCH, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and General Plenipotentiary for Special Questions of Chemical Production on Goering's Staff of the Four Year Plan; HERMANN SCHMITZ, Chairman of the managing board of directors of Farben, and member of the Reichstag; GEORG von SCHNITZLER, member of the managing board of directors and chief of the Commercial Committee and director of domestic and foreign sales; (back row) PAUL HAEFLIGER, member of the managing body and Commerical Committee; HEINRICH BUETEFISCH, manager of the Leuna Plants, production chief for gasoline, member of Himmler's Circle of Friends, and SS Colonel; and MAX ILGNER, chief of Farben's intelligence, espionage, and propaganda activities.



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