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Pictured beneath an organiztional chart of the huge I.G. Farben Auschwitz factory and concentration camp are eight Englishmen who came from England to appear as prosecution witnesses in the slave labor count against the I.G. Farben officials. All eight were captured by the German armies between 1940 - 1943 in North Africa and France and sent to the Auschwitz camp where they did common labor in the Farben plant alongside inmates of the concentration camp. Several of the witnesses stated that they heard the guards threaten inmates with extermination by gassing. One witness testified that in the summer time there were so many gassings that the crematoria could not take care of all the victims; some of the inmates were then burned in an open ditch. The eight witnesses are (left to right) LEONARD DALES, 28 Lindsey Street, Frodingham, Lincolnshire, England; REGINALD HARTLAND, 2 Cross Street, Tenebury Wells, Worchester, England; CHARLES HILL, 28 Upper West Grove, Chonlt on Medlock, Landchester, England; CHARLES JOSEPH COWARD, 133 Chichaster Road, Lower Edmonton, London, England; ERIC DOYLE, 56 Cambridge Drive, Lee, London S.E. 12, England; FRIEDRICH DAVISON, 13 Sakon, Crescent, Sunderland, England; K. STANIOWICZ-WISNIEWSKI, Milion Airfield, Lie, Bud., Cumberland, England; and ROBERT W. FERRIS, 145 Chichester Road, Lower Edmonton, London, England.



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