Oswald Pohl


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OSWALD POHL, convicted SS Lieutenant General sentenced to death by hanging on November 3, 1947, appeared as a witness for the prosecution in the Farben trial, Case VI, on November 24, 1947. Pohl who was Chief of the Main Economic and Administrative Department of the SS is sentenced to hang for his guilt in connection with his operations of concentration camps. While awaiting execution, Pohl decided to change some of the documents that he used in his own defense and make truthful statements concerning the operation of concentration camps. Pohl testified against I. G. Farben officials on the slavery charge and their use of concentration camp inmates. In replying to the efficiency of the inmate laborers, Pohl asserted: "If I was a forced laborer, I would not do more than I would absolutely have to either". To prevent any violence or attempted suicide, Pohl is handcuffed and flanked by two U. S. Army guards.



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