Agustín Parise

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Spring 2006


This presentation provides a complete guide that helps the readers understand the importance of art.1928 of the Civil Code of Louisiana of the year 1825. Article 1928, in its third paragraph, is the cornerstone for the recovery of non-pecuniary damages in the state of Louisiana.

As to achieve the objective of guiding the reader, the presentation contains: a historical background of the legal system of Louisiana (from the purchase to France until present days); a definition of non-pecuniary damages; an analysis of the applications the Louisiana Supreme Court made of non-pecuniary damages (between the years 1825 to 1870); and a description of the influence that art.1928 had in other codification projects, both in Louisiana and abroad.

Throughout the presentation, references are done to the French and Spanish influences on the region. To ignore these important influences would avoid a realistic approach to the study. In addition, a brief description of the case law reporting in Antebellum Louisiana is developed. The description will surely help future research activities, by explaining the sources of case law reporting in the region.

At the end of the presentation, a list of references, a table of cases and an index of names and personalities, are enclosed. These are useful quick-reference tools when reading through the presentation.


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of LL.M.

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