Annual Institute on Mineral Law

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Recent Developments


As usual for this slot on the program, we have a rich variety of oilfield controvermies in the courts. We will survey what we can in the confines of an hour. Brevity may be the soul of wit, as Polonius told Claudius and Gertrude, but it necessitates distortion by oversimplification of complex factual and legal issues. All of you who may have been litigants in any of the cases discussed herein please bear with me while I reduce your many months or even years of earnest effort to simple fouinulations and then dispose of them with cavalier indifference to the many equities I have slighted, omitted or mistaken. Consider this hour then as a sort of Cliffs Notes to Louisiana oil-and gas law of the preceding year. As is said of the Reduced Shakespeare Company's per'ormance of 37 Shakespeare plays in a bit more than an hour, this is oil and gas for the quick of mind and short of time.