Journal of Civil Law Studies
The Journal of Civil Law Studies is a peer-reviewed, online and open-access periodical, published by the Center of Civil Law Studies. LSU Law students participate in the editorial process once papers have been accepted for publication. First published in 2008, it promotes a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the civil law in Louisiana and in the world.


Current Issue: Volume 9 (2016-2017), Number 2
Conference Papers
The Louisiana Civil Code Translation Project:
Enhancing Visibility and Promoting the Civil Law in English
Baton Rouge, April 10 and 11, 2014
Part 2. Worldwide Perspectives

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Civil Law in the World


Brazil: The Difficult Path Toward Democratization of Civil Law
Lucas Abreu Barroso, Pablo Malheiros da Cunha Frota, Brígida Roldi Passamani, and Lúcio Moreira Andrade

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