Journal of Civil Law Studies

About This Journal

In 2008, the Center of Civil Law Studies of the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center (CCLS) started publishing the Journal of Civil Law Studies (JCLS). The JCLS is circulated freely and electronically; authors hold the copyright to their contribution. The JCLS is referenced like any printed periodical, and off-prints are available for authors. The JCLS webpage also publishes additional materials, such as pre-publications of forthcoming papers and translations of JCLS articles.

The JCLS is peer-reviewed. The Board of Editors is composed of distinguished comparatists from all over the world, consisting mostly of Civilians with a strong knowledge of the common law systems, but also common law scholars with civil law experience. LSU Law students participate in the editorial process once papers have been accepted for publication.

The JCLS promotes a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the civil law in Louisiana and in the world, and aims to focus on the following themes:

  • The evolution of the law in mixed jurisdictions, chiefly Louisiana
  • The evolution of the civil law in an English speaking environment
  • The impact of globalization on the evolution of the civil law and the common law
  • The impact of the civil law and the common law outside the western world and their interrelation with other legal traditions
  • Bridging the divide between civil law and common law in the American hemisphere and in the European area
  • The combination of the civil law and common law traditions in the harmonization and unification processes, with a focus on linguistic issues.

In addition to regular issues, the JCLS publishes the papers of the Civil Law Workshop and of conferences organized by or in cooperation with the CCLS. A section of the JCLS is reserved for publications by students of the LSU Law Center.