Journal of Civil Law Studies

Forthcoming Issues

Volume 11 Number 1 (tentatively scheduled for late August 2018) features the following articles:

• Francisco Reyes, The Organization of American States’s Model Law on Simplified Corporations;
• Luz Martinez Velencoso, The Impact of Harmonized European Private Law and the Acquis Communautaire on Spanish Law;
• Seth S. Brostoff, Early 20th Century Perceptions of Civil Law-Common Law Difference: F.L. Joannini’s Spanish-English Civil Code Translations in Context;
• Rosalie Jukier, Canada’s Legal Traditions: Sources of Unification, Diversification or Inspiration;
• Hugues Bouthinon-Dumas, Economic Analysis of the Interaction Between National Legal Systems: A Contribution to the Understanding of Legal Diversity / Legal Unity).

The article by Francisco Reyes is the publication of the 39th Tucker Lecture on the Civil Law. Articles by Rosalie Jukier and Hugues Bouthinon-Dumas are from papers presented at the Juris Diversitas Annual Conference on Unity and/or Diversity, Baton Rouge, May 31-June 2, 2016.

Also in Volume 11 Number 1:

• Civil Law in the World (Cental America, Claudia Castro Valle; Germany, Saskia Lettmaier);
• Rediscovered Treasures of Louisiana Law (English translation of the historical introduction of the Teatro by Perez y Lopez, by Barlow Holley, with an Introduction by Brandon Wright);
• Book Reviews.

Call for Papers

The JCLS invites the submission of articles for its Volumes 12 (2019), though room might still be made in Volume 11, Number 2 (December 2018). Articles dealing with civil law topics, relationship of civil law and common law in mixed, civil law or common law jurisdictions, are welcome, especially where offering a comparative perspective or overview.

Articles must be presented in compliance with the JCLS Submission Guidelines. Articles may be written in English, French, or Spanish.

After a pre-selection by the Editor-in-Chief, articles are peer-reviewed anonymously by two members of our international Board of Editors.

Submissions should be made electronically to . Postal submissions are not accepted.

For more information, please email Professor Olivier Moréteau, Editor-in-Chief, at .

Requests for book reviews should be sent to:

Mr. Vicenç F. Feliú
Associate Dean for Library Services & Professor of Law
Shepard Broad College of Law
Nova Southeastern University
3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796
United States