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quasi-contract, implied and constructive contracts, negotiorum gestio, management of affairs, unjust enrichment, payment of a thing not due, enrichment without cause, condictio indebiti, actio de in rem verso, remedies, obligations, comparative law


This Article restates the Louisiana civil law of negotiorum gestio and unjust enrichment, one decade after the common-law Third Restatement of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment. The Article first redefines and re-designates the term "quasi-contract" from a false source of obligations to a valid practical term describing the two separate institutions of negotiorum gestio and unjust enrichment. Based on this renewed understanding of quasi-contract, the Article proceeds to a detailed commentary on the revised Louisiana law of negotiorum gestio and unjust enrichment (which includes the special action for payment of a thing not due and the general action for enrichment without cause).

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